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Collection: Young Sex Dolls

What is A Young Sex Doll?

A yong sex doll has realistic teen face girl with tight curves body, either shy, plump, large-breasted, or vigorous, flat-breasted. No one can resist the temptation from a maiden. Pure and sexy blend, always let us again and again to try, again and again be satisfied by this only belong to your sweet channel. After the dripping, touch her soft skin, touch her beautiful face, physical and mental joy filled every cell of you. The height of the teen girl is 148mm-168mm, weight is 28kg-40kg which are suitable size for most of people.

Strictly controlled product quality:

We know that product quality is your first concern when choosing dolls. Even our dolls are very popular all over the world , we still attach importance to every production link of products. The products quality is the lifeblood of our factory.

    • Premium Raw Materials: European standard, environmental, tasteless, long service life, low maintenance TPE and silicon.
    • Metal Skeleton:

Stainless Steel or aluminum alloy skeleton, high load bearing; Simulation of human joint design, flexible, diverse positions for sex. More positions available are more stimulating and pleasurable to make vaginal, anal and oral sex. Enhanced skeleton with shrug function and stand up function, which unlocking more sexual pleasure.

    • Head and Make Up:

Realistic delicate makeup is the soul of the doll. We know that elaborate head and body makeup is one of the most important things to look for when choosing a doll. Details determine the success or failure of the doll's makeup. We made every perfect details, the exquisite semi-permanent makeup,including textured face skin, simulation eyebrows and eyelashes, realistic elbows ,knees,fingers and toes, and slightly visible blood vessels. If you choose the silicone head, then you can choose the hand implanted hair, eyebrows, eyelashes , the effect is more lifelike.

All of our dolls' heads are 1:1 realistic and photorealistic. What you see on our shop is what you will have at your home.

Your very own custom young sex doll

We offer comprehensive and detailed personalized customization plan:

  • Hundreds of head model for option:

We have hundreds of head models for you to choose from, and even the same head, with different makeup, different hair will look different. You can choose one or several of your favorite heads, get the most out of your DIY creativity, and you'll have a different style of girl every day.

  • Customized hair, eyes color and nail color:

Want redhead cosplay? Sure, there no problem, we have that style. No matter you like black hair and eyes Korea or Japanese girls or blonde American sweet heart. You can find the suitable style on our shop.

  • Customized BODY:

Our bodies curve is highly consistent with a real person and have several shapes and colors to choose from. The attractive large tits and tight small chest, or you preferred huge busty girl are optional. A pregnant woman with big bust and large booty is also available. We also have several shin color for your option, blonde, brunette, black and Asian skin color. The body skin is delicate and flexible, you can ask for the relevant videos.

  • Customized Breast and Vagina:

The dolls have hollow and solid design breasts, with different touches just to please you. Also we provide different type of nipples to satisfy your unique hobby. The doll's vagina is available as a fixed and removable option.Both type vagina are compact, tactile, and human-like in design. Please choose with your preference.

Order Process:

  • You place the order on line.
  • We check the detail with you.
  • We sent the order information to our factory and start the manufacturing. Our 10 years experienced makeup artists will draw the makeup according to your order requirements.
  • After factory inspection, we do the packing and then delivered it to the DHL and FedEx. We deliver the products in full privacy and free shipping all over the world.